Recycling all types of glasses, for virtually unlimited reuse

EVERGLASS is a 3-years EU funded project which will develop a new technology to recycle glass using laser.

The issue

Current glass recycling exclude multiple types of glass that end up in landfills

Current recycling technology is very energy-intensive

It’s also inflexible in terms of location and what the production process can do

To fix this, EVERGLASS will develop a new machine that will allow recycling of all types of glass using lasers that will shape the glass waste into new products.

Expected Impacts

New knowledge about glass composition 
and recycling technologies

Greatly diminish the amount of glass 
ending up in landfills

Develop and improve a novel research field

Improve the glass circular economy

Our technological world creates more and more unrecyclable glass such as the ones used for smartphones and computer screens.

EVERGLASS hopes to solves this issue in the next three years. 

We are 6 partners spread over 4 countries

Inspired to find a solution for all types of glass waste.

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Project Coordinator

Juan Pou –
Rafael Comesaña –
University of Vigo

Media, press and communication

Luiza Beirão Campos
European Science Communication Institute

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